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8 Stages of Life

So…I was recently asked: Why do you do what you do?

Simple…because I want ALL of us to get better with age! I want everyone to make their next day, month, year, the absolute best they have ever had.

I want women to BELIEVE in themselves and KNOW that they are enough!

Over the last decade plus, I’ve been discovering how to deeply love and respect myself and I realized something pretty great…the better we take care of our minds and bodies, the better they are going to take care of us.

I turned 40 a few weeks ago (Oct 2022). I received a few condolences from people. A few people were scared to ask how old I was turning. Others were telling me what body parts are going to start failing me. Hahaha! I just smiled.

I figure I have two ways to look at this…

  1. I am now in middle adulthood and really don’t have much more to look forward to. I’m in stage 7 of 8 in my life now. I guess I’m just OLD…..


      2. I step back and look at my entire lifespan. Zero to 100 (and YES, I plan to live to be in the centenarian club!). I’m ONLY 40! This is the perspective I choose.

Think about it…think about how much more you know about yourself. Think about all the knowledge and experience you gain each year. Think about everything you can do now for yourself, for your family. Think about when you retire and all the places you could go. YOU are in charge of your life now. You know how to walk, how to read, how to feed yourself, how to drive, how to wear every single hat there is. YOU get to choose where your life goes now.

However, remember that this is the only body you get. If you’re feeling old and tired now, then do something about it. You absolutely can! It is never too late to make your life great.

I decided a few years ago that I have too many plans, too many places I want to see, too many crazy adventures I need to go on, too many new people to meet, too many friends and family to visit, too many mountains to climb, too many songs to still write and way too much to still learn to not take care of the only body I’m ever going to have.

Year 40 is going to be my best year ever (but I also said that about 39, 38, 37….)!

What do you think? How can you make this your best year ever?