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A Women's Wellness Company

We help women* prepare and thrive through their major hormonal transitions, including menstruation, motherhood and menopause, by learning how to work with their body's natural rhythm and hormonal cycles using Cycle Synergy™ and the power of small daily actions.

Our Method

Cycle Synergy™ gives you everything you need to know to ultimately thrive in all hormonal stages by aligning your natural daily rhythm, hormonal cycles and stage in life with everything you need to get done in a day!

Our Mission

We help women take ownership of their lives, their happiness, and their health through empowered knowledge, respect and understanding of their bodies.

PadaLily Living means to live everyday as the Rooted. Supported. Empowered. beings we are meant to be by honoring our cyclical nature and feminine energy.

Our Core Values

Meet our founder

Tonya Meid

Owner and founder, Certified Holistic Wellness Coach (CHWC), Rhythm & Cycles Specialist, and Licensed Menopause Champion. I help women achieve their health and well-being goals through empowered knowledge, respect and understanding of their bodies rhythm & cycles. Through personalized strategies, I guide them in aligning their daily routines and circadian rhythm with their monthly hormonal cycles. By doing so, they experience improved vitality, hormonal balance, and a greater sense of well-being at all stages of life starting at puberty.

My Story

Growing up in an extremely conservative environment, I felt trapped by the rigid rules and limited discussions about uncomfortable topics. Seeking freedom, I left home at 17 to discover my true self. After college, I joined the Peace Corps in Ghana, West Africa. This allowed me to authentically embrace my identity and truly appreciate diversity. However, upon returning to the States, I fell into a decade-long period of conforming and chasing societal norms, feeling utterly disconnected from the person I had become in Ghana.

At age 35, my body rebelled, causing a cascade of physical and emotional symptoms. Frustrated by dismissive doctors, I realized that my body was trying to communicate with me. Determined to listen and grow, I embarked on a transformative journey of self-healing. By breaking old habits, changing my mindset, and respecting myself, I overcame the years of challenges with weight, cycles, fatigue, and more.

Today, I trust and love myself and my body. I know my purpose and the impact I want to make in the world. The first 40 years of my life were preparing me for the next 40, and I’m driven to leave a positive mark by embracing my true self, trusting my intuition, stepping outside my comfort zone and empowering others to do the same. Stop waiting and start living!

A Few Fun Facts:

1. I am a huge outdoor enthusiast! I love hiking, camping, exploring, paddleboarding – basically give me a mountain and a lake and I’m good. I have a quote hanging in my house, “I don’t need therapy, I just need to go camping!”

2. I am an avid reader and researcher. I am usually reading a few books at a time. That’s one of the reasons women like working with me so much, they don’t have the space to fit in all the latest research and books on various wellness topics, so they let me do it (and I love it)!

3. I served in the United States Peace Corps in Ghana, West Africa and lived there for 3.5 years total. This experience was one of the most transformational experiences of my life and I am still learning from it.

4. I am a local musician and find writing and performing music to be my primary form of understanding others and our world. My best songs come from the amazing and miraculous experiences of others. Be careful what stories you share with me – you might get a song out of it!

5. My personal vision statement and life purpose is to inspire and empower people to strive to become the best version of themselves through my work, my music and my example.

*With all of the different combinations and ways to talk about this work we use both “female” and “woman/women.” This isn’t perfect by any means, but our language is ever-evolving as we learn more. We know that not everyone who was born female is a woman, and not every woman was born female. When referencing “female” we are referring to a biological category or biological sex and will include female biology or female physiology, while “woman/women” achieves a more inclusive meaning that emphasizes gender over biological sex. At PadaLily Living, we welcome anyone who wants to explore the cyclical nature and feminine energy of their being.

Cyclical living support for ambitious women midlife+ who are completely burnt out trying to juggle family, career, and now menopause and want to reclaim their energy, confidence and sanity without being prescribed another magic pill.