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Cycle Synergy™ Group Coaching

RushTo Calm

The Ultimate Wellness Coaching Program to Transform Your Experience of Midlife, Menopause & the Beautiful Years to Follow

Are you ready to

navigate menopause with grace, vitality & empowerment...

  • …even if you don’t know where to start
  • …even if you’re not sure what you need to do
  • …even if your feeling completely overwhelmed

Does this sound familiar?

  • You’re struggling with the hormonal rollercoaster.
  • Everyone is just a little bit more annoying than usual.
  • You have tried all the things on your own and feel at your wits end
  • You never know how you’ll fee or what your mood will be from one day to the next
  • You’re fed up with unpredictable symptoms and feeling totally out of control.
  • You’re noticing changes to your mind and body, but you’re not sure why or what to expect in the future.

"Nothing that worked for me in my 20's and 30's is working.

Why does my body hate me? - HELP!"

You know there must be something you can do, but you have no idea what it is.

This program is for you if you are over 35 and struggle with...

This program is NOT for you if...

It's time to take control of your wellbeing as you enter your second spring.

Imagine being able to...

…have more energy than ever

…fit into your old cloths

…have a pleasurable lifestyle that includes delicious food

…feel completely in tune with your body, and in control of your health

…wake up every day feeling in live with your body, your life & your future

…beautifully close the chapter on your reproductive journey and move confidently intor your second act!

Hi ! I'm Tonya,

your personal Rhythm & Cycles Coach and the heart behind this transformative journey.

You see…menopause affects millions of women physically, mentally, and emotionally— yet so many of these symptoms are overlooked and misunderstood by both women and their healthcare providers.

We are often told we just have to survive. I’m here to change that narrative.

I’m so excited you want to be a part of it! Let’s get started.

Why I created the RushTo Calm

Menopause represents the renewal of energy as we transition from fertility and reproduction into nourishing and elevating the self. I see this time of life as a beautiful rite of passage into our second spring.

I created this program as part of my mission to help create a world that respects and celebrates every phase of women’s health.

I want women to have the tools they need to be completely supported through midlife, menopause and all the wonderful years that follow.

I want to empower women to work WITH their bodies. To honor their natural rhythm and hormonal cycles through every phase of their life.

Menopause is simply our transition out of our RE-productive years into our MOST productive years. It truly can be one of the most creative and liberating times in our lives!

Course Content

12 modules of step-by-step action to work in beautiful harmony WITH your body and unlock the power of aging.

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How it works

1. Weekly Coaching Sessions

The core of the program is our weekly group coaching sessions. This is done entirely online, through private virtual coaching sessions via Zoom. My clients come from all over the world.

Each session I’ll guide you through a new module that dives into a different aspect of holistic health and wellness.

2. Access to Essential
Tools and Guidence

You’ll also have access to workbooks and resources to help you implement the lifestyle changes we talk about, and guide your journey.

I provide you with all the tools and strategies you need to become the healthiest version of you…and I’ll be right by your side, guiding you every step of the way.

Tools & Bonuses included in your program

PLUS…you will also receive:

(All of this is VALUED at over $4500)

By the end of this program you will be...


You’ll have transformed your daily routines and rituals to support the best possible version of yourself


You’ll achieve the sort of calm wellbeing you hadn’t even known was possible


With the right habits in place, you’ll feel excited every day that you finally understand how to work with your body

Success Stories

Frequently Asked Questions

You will have access to all of the materials as long as you are an active paying member. If you choose to just take the course and not continue with the private community, you will have access to the course for one full year after enrollment.

Yes. There is an app available and you’ll be able to view all the courses on your phone or tablet. 

Of course you can, but the price may increase and the availability is not guaranteed. You also need to consider how long you are willing to wait to start getting your health & wellness back on track.

I often run special offers and I have several payment options available that I only discuss at the end of our call IF we BOTH agree that this program is a good fit. If not, I will offer a referral or other resources to make sure you are taken care of.

Most of our live group calls are held on Tuesday’s or Thursday’s at 11:00AM MST. These may change from time to time depending upon other scheduling conflicts. 

There are no refunds on this program, so please be sure you are ready to join. If you have any questions prior to joining the program, please get in touch and I’ll help you decide if this is a good fit for you!

This can be a very difficult time for most women and practicing better habits and aspiring for true transformation daily with the continual support of a committed, united group will help you achieve results faster and easier. It means you can’t give up on yourself. And when you choose not to give up on yourself, the possibilities are endless. Even if you prefer 1:1 for your sessions, you will still have access to a private community group for support.

First ask yourself what it will cost you to keep going just as you are. Remember change doesn’t come easy. This is an investment in yourself and figuring out how to invest in yourself enough to get through the program is a great first step in beginning the transformation that lies ahead. Know that with any program you will get out of this program what you put in. You are worth the investment and remember it is uniquely designed for busy moms like yourself.

I recommend allotting 2-3 hours per week to consume the content and implement the material. You will typically have one video to watch between the live coaching calls and action items are assigned with each module and after each group session.

  • 1 hour for the weekly group call
  • 1-2 hours for the video and action items between sessions
  • 5-10min per day to check in with the group (I highly encourage daily check-ins with the group)

Ready to Embrace Menopause, Conquer Your Symptoms, and Feel Amazing?

Invest in Yourself and Get Started Today!