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Embracing the Seasons: A Guide to Cyclical Living


Cyclical living is about recognizing and aligning the many rhythms and cycles both within us and in the world around us. This includes everything from our hormonal cycles, our circadian rhythm, our heartbeat and our breath to the lunar cycles, the changing seasons and even how you complete your goals or projects. It acknowledges the fact that our energy, productivity and creativity follow predictable patterns, much like the ebb and flow of the ocean tides. 

Cyclical living invites us to synchronize our daily rhythms and long-term goals not only with the natural cycles within us, but with the natural cycles around us, including the seasons. Just as nature undergoes periods of growth, abundance, decline, and renewal throughout the year, so too can we align our activities and aspirations with these seasonal shifts.

Winter, with its cold and quiet atmosphere, serves as a time for introspection and planning. It’s not the time for jumping into overzealous goals and resolutions right out of the gate. How do you typically feel in the dead of winter? Do you really feel like starting new things? 

I didn’t think so. Think about what is happening during this time of the year. Plants and animals go into hibernation or a dormant state – life slows down. There is more dark than light and more cold than warmth.

You cannot plant new seeds into the frozen ground. Instead, we can use this season to reflect on the past year, gather insights, and lay the groundwork for future endeavors.

This phase of the year, just like the menstrual phase of our monthly hormonal cycles, is a time to reflect, renew and look (just look) at the year ahead and what you want to accomplish. 

It’s a great time to review your WHY and update it as needed based on your reflection of the previous months and your aspirations for the months to come. This will be your guiding light, your north star for the year ahead.

With this strong foundation and high-level goals set, you are now ready to ‘plant.’

Spring brings a time of awakening, creating and growth, mirroring the rhythm of nature around us as the plants bloom, the days lengthen and the temperature gets warmer. 

This phase of the year, just like the follicular phase of our monthly hormonal cycles, is the opportune moment to plant seeds of intention, take action on new goals, and get moving with fresh ventures, harnessing the energy of the season to propel us forward.

Now we want to keep the momentum going.

Summer, with its warmth and abundance, encourages us to fully enjoy the fruits of our labor. Just as nature reaches its peak of vitality, we can fully reap the rewards and joy of our achievements, nurture our passions, and indulge in experiences that enrich our lives.

This phase of the year, just like the ovulatory phase of our monthly hormonal cycles, is a time to radiate and celebrate ourselves. The energy and momentum during this phase of both our month cycle and our seasonal cycle is at its peak and just waiting to be maximized.

As the earth moves more inward and prepares for harvest, we can prepare to shift as well. 

Fall signals a period of transition and release, echoing the shedding of leaves as trees prepare for winter. It’s a time to harvest the fruits of our efforts, celebrate accomplishments, and gracefully let go of what no longer serves us, creating space for new growth and evolution.

This phase of the year, similar to our luteal phase of our monthly hormonal cycles, is a time for balance, organization and completion. We want to look at what worked and what didn’t. It’s a time to wrap things up, so we can fully prepare for the renewal and reflection of winter once more.  

Invitation to live cyclically: 

As we embark on this journey of cyclical living, I invite you to join me in aligning your goals, projects, and resolutions with the rhythm of the seasons. 

Winter solstice to the Spring equinox (~21 December to ~21 March): let’s embrace the season of renewal, reflection, and planning. During this time, we’ll nourish our bodies and minds, gather insights from the past year, and lay the foundation for the months ahead.

Spring equinox to the Summer solstice (~21 March to 21 June): let’s plant the seeds, take action on new goals, and get moving on our resolutions and aspirations. As nature comes back from its dormant state, we too can harness the energy of spring to propel our projects forward, embracing action and innovation with each step.

Summer solstice to the Fall equinox (~21 June to ~21 September): let’s fully enjoy the fruits of our labor, celebrate our achievements, and  indulge in experiences that enrich our lives. As the season reaches its peak of vitality, we too can use the energy and momentum to honor our growth, cultivate gratitude, and celebrate ourselves as we prepare for the next phase of our journey.

Fall equinox to the Winter solstice (~21 September to ~21 December): let’s embrace transition and transformation, slowing down and surrendering to the rhythm of change. During this season of harvest, we can fully embrace the gifts of introspection and completion. 

By aligning our goals and activities with the natural rhythms of our bodies and the seasons, we tap into a deeper sense of harmony and balance, allowing us to live more authentically and thrive in every aspect of our lives.