Do your patients need more support than you have time to provide?

Are you frustrated that you don’t have enough time to support and educate your patients more closely on healthy habits and behavior change?

Are your patients frustrated because they need more hand-holding and accountability than you have time to give?

As a doctor, your time is a premium. In your patient encounters, you may only have time to make recommendations and outline a plan … but some of your patients need close support and assistance in actually implementing that plan.

That's exactly where I come in!

As a health coach, my job is to guide people in healthy habits and lifestyle changes in the prevention and management of common chronic conditions.

I can help your patients ensure they understand the care plan and recommendations you created for them. I work closely with them, to implement the complex lifestyle changes that are often required to make significant improvements in their health.

I have created a very simple referral system so you can quickly and easily get your patients the personalized support and accountability they need.


♦  Improved health outcomes for your patients.


♦ Rest assured that your recommendations are being communicated in a way that your patients can understand and adhere to.


♦ Empower your patients to improve their own health through lifestyle change.


♦ Increase your available time and satisfaction, knowing that the education and coaching component of your patients’ wellness strategy has been taken care of.


♦ Outsource the time-consuming tasks of patient support, motivation, and education to increase your own revenue potential, by freeing up your available time for more visits.


How do my services work?

⇒ I work virtually one-to-one with clients to coach them on healthy lifestyle changes, so they can overcome any barriers standing in their way

⇒ I help guide clients through the overall plan you have recommended, and work with them to create detailed, step-by-step action plans

I meet with clients on a regular basis to provide accountability and constant support

My sessions with clients are 60 minutes long, providing ample time for personalized attention and support

I help each of my clients create individualized health goals, tailored to fit with their lifestyles, challenges, and needs

Who is a good candidate for referral?

I typically work with women in various stages of motherhood, who are trying to lose weight or get healthy based on a health diagnosis that requires a change to their lifestyle while juggling all the demands of their busy day-to-day.

The ideal candidate is highly motivated to make changes to her lifestyle and create new healthy habits, but needs guidance and support to implement healthy changes.

What next?

I have provided a link to my online referral form. Once you make the referral, I’ll get in touch with your patient directly to set up their free 20-minute consultation to discuss their options and next steps.


If you have further questions or would like to set up a meeting to further discuss how I can help your patients achieve their health goals, please contact me below.