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How to Embrace this New Season of Life

Think about what you adore about being an older (and much wiser) woman. One of the best ways to embrace this new season of life is to focus on how much life improves as we age.

It’s easy to look back on our teens, twenties and even thirties with rose-colored glasses, but were you nearly as happy with yourself then as you are now?

Most older women say they feel relieved they no longer worry about what everybody thinks about them.

I want you to write down several things you love about being older — try writing them on strips of paper. Fold them and put them into a jar.

On bad days, when you’re feeling down about yourself and your age, reach into the jar and pick out something to help boost your gratitude and positivity. Keep adding to the jar and check-in regularly.

Some things to be proud of as you get older may include:

  • Having the courage to stand up for yourself. With age comes a sense of assertiveness and fearlessness.
  • Having wisdom. An older woman’s knowledge and experience means she makes better decisions.
  • Goodbye to drama. In your younger years, you may have been drawn to the dramatic, but today, it’s not worth your time.
  • No longer apologizing about spending less time doing things you don’t want to. Your time is valuable and you aren’t going to waste it only making other people happy and ignoring your own needs.
  • Having more time to spend with loved ones. Mothers are often very time-starved, but grandmothers can make up for that.

It’s important to honor your body and be amazed at what it has done for you so far.