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The Better with A.G.E. Academy is your ultimate companion through perimenopause, menopause & postmenopause. Join a strong sisterhood committed to maximizing midlife and beyond!


  • Community focused
  • Desire community, motivation, & accountability
  • Daily actions, weekly support, monthly themes & masterclasses
  • No timeline – monthly/yearly membership – cancel anytime

Who is this for?

  • Over 35
  • Done having kids
  • No/mild symptoms
  • Want to learn
  • Want to prepare
  • Want to thrive
  • Resources for life
  • Community support
  • Complements coaching & courses


The ultimate coaching experience to transform your health. In these sessions, we work with your natural rhythm and cycles to live each day aligned to the habits that evolve your life.

  • Rush To Calm Group Coaching: Connect, Learn, and Embrace Your Midlife Journey Together.


  • Coaching focus
  • Intimate group with those on the same journey
  • Course material supports the coaching
  • Specific timeline.

Who is Group Coaching for?

  • Over 35
  • Done having kids
  • Preparing for menopause
  • In peri/menopause
  • Symptoms present
  • Postmenopause with lingering symptoms
  • Intensive


Cyclical Living Courses:
  • Cyclical Basics Workshop Series: Essential Wisdom for a Vibrant Life (currently only available in the Academy).
  • Your Perfect Day Starts at 8pm: Achieve Balance and Vitality. – Coming Soon!


  • Content focused
  • DIY modules
  • Recommended to join free FB community
  • Loose timeline

Who is this for?

  • All ages, all stages
  • Good starting point
  • Parents/Allies/Cisman
  • No/mild symptoms
  • Want to learn
  • Want to prepare
  • DIY

For Companies

Menstruation to menopause for your employees!

For Physicians

Menstruation to menopause support for your patients!

Cyclical living support for ambitious women midlife+ who are completely burnt out trying to juggle family, career, and now menopause and want to reclaim their energy, confidence and sanity without being prescribed another magic pill.