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Unveiling the Truth About Women’s Health


I was in attendance at a recent Wellness Business Summit, surrounded by coaches, practitioners, and physicians—all seeking to learn from each other, striving to instigate change in the lives of those we serve. The primary question posed at the event shook me to my core: “What would you go to bat for? What makes you so angry that you will run through walls for the people you are trying to help?” It was a question of unfiltered intensity, one that struck deep. Yes, I specialize in supporting women through their hormonal and menstrual health journeys, but the question that echoed, demanding clarity was, “Why?”


The answer, upon reflection, became glaringly simple: Women are never told how powerful they are. We navigate life without fully understanding the extent of our biological differences from men. From an early age, we are taught to suppress our feminine energy and function primarily within the realms of masculine energy. The taboos around speaking of our periods or menopause and the multitude of symptoms that accompany these transitions perpetuate. We find ourselves burned out trying to navigate a man’s world.


The crux of the problem lies in the assumption that women are essentially miniature versions of men, especially in exercise, nutrition, and medicine. Women progress through life largely unaware of their unique biological makeup. Astonishingly, these fields of study allocate minimal resources to understanding the specific needs of women, with the bulk of research emphasizing men, leaving us to tread through unexplored territory.


Even our traditional health systems seem to disregard the intricacies of our menstrual cycles and the dynamic hormonal fluctuations we undergo. This oversight deprives women of the tailored guidance necessary during these crucial life transitions.


Symptom-free living is our birthright. The narrative that PMS, mood swings, and other symptoms are just a “normal” part of womanhood needs to be rewritten. Each symptom is a call for help, a story waiting to be understood. Yet, there’s a prevailing dismissal and a casual remedy—birth control is prescribed as the universal panacea, and Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and antidepressants dominate menopause discussions. While it’s excellent to witness more conversations about these topics, they inadvertently tend to mask the root problems, placing emphasis on medication and fostering a dependency external to the body.


There’s an urgency for women to listen, observe, and act for themselves. We’ve been bestowed with the gift of cyclical living, including menstruation, motherhood, and menopause. Yes, it’s incredible! If this idea is foreign to you, it’s likely because no one has ever shared the truth of your potential. This revelation is my mission, to change the narrative. To educate, to empower, and to celebrate the extraordinary gifts that cyclical living bestows upon us.


As you delve into the rich tapestry of your cyclical nature, remember this isn’t just about understanding your body—it’s about reclaiming your power. Embrace this wisdom and use it as your compass, guiding you through each phase of your life. Take the first step toward honoring your cyclical self today. Whether it’s charting your menstrual cycle, seeking support groups, or exploring further resources, the power lies in your hands. Seize this opportunity to reconnect with your cyclical rhythm, unlocking the immense potential within you. It’s time to rewrite the narrative of women’s health and stand tall in the radiance of your cyclical strength.